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Informational Interview with Alaina - Career Exploration Story

When you are figuring out what you want to do with your life, the best tip I can offer is to conduct informational interviews with professionals who are pursuing the paths you are considering! Informational interviews are conversations, not job interviews, that help you learn more about career paths or academic programs. They also have the added benefit of allowing you to network for a posted or hidden job by getting your foot in the door with a positive relationship you have built before, or after, applying. Most people believe that finding your career is straightforward, like A B C: you go to school, you study X, you get a job in Y, etc., etc. But in reality, most peoples career stories are much more complex and non-linear. Listen to my story to hear about my own journey and discover how your own childhood and young adult experiences, interests, values, skills, and personality, may have shaped who you are and the ideal career path for you! This video was created with Alyssa Nichols, host and creator of In Turn Podcast, which also provides fantastic tips for your career exploration, job search, interview preparation, and resume writing.

For more guidance on engaging in self-reflection for career exploration and conducting informational interviews to learn more about the right job for you and build your network, please email me at!

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